STRONG Fitness Magazine


STRONG Fitness Magazine is a trusted source of cutting-edge fitness and health information for all women looking to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Create awareness for STRONG Fitness Magazine members area and increase online sales.


Landing Page Optimization + Social Media Marketing (with Custom/Lookalike Audiences) + Email Marketing (Drip Marketing) + Content Automation + Display Advertising on GDN and AdX + Mobile App & Interstitial Advertising + Retargeting


1) Social media sponsored ads to generate awareness

2) Retargeting ads to reinforce messaging and to guide most qualified customers back

3) Providing a free offer in exchange for email

4) Email/content automation strategy to send drips of pre-written messages to prospects over time to help them become purchase ready

5) Provide a limited time offer through email automation and retargeting ads

Social Media Sponsored Ads:

Retargeting with Display, full-screen Interstitial, and Native Ads:


STRONG Fitness Members Area (Web Development):


Exit Intent Drip Marketing Email Automation Strategy:


Display ads on GDN and AdX:

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