We activate the right mix of media to encourage engagement and stimulate action. Whether that be by extending your message through a variety of paid promotions, ensuring your ads appear at the ideal place where your audience is most willing to consider your message, enhancing online user experiences, or creating stimulating content that captures attention, we ensure you have appropriate strategies set in place to convert leads to customers and develop more robust online experiences.

Social Media Management

With so many social platforms online, it can be a massive undertaking to maintain them all. Social Media can be a full-time job, so how do you keep the conversation going after you’ve clocked-out? We can be your voice 24/7, providing timely responses and stimulating inviting discussions across all your platforms, engaging communities in real-time.

Strategy development, community management, and stellar content creation - everything you need to tell your story with impact. We make sure all content is relevant, powerful and engaging to ultimately build content strategies that create a buzz in the market. We create content that offers value, stimulates conversation and has the potential to blossom online to optimize the reach potential of any message.

Social Media Activation

Data-driven targeting and compelling creatives - capture your audience with social ads that drive engagement and stimulate action. We harness the power of social media to spread your message and reach new audiences. We create compelling copy with creatives that sell, establish targeting personas that reach only your most qualified customers, and continuously test and refine to ensure the right mix of creative and copy variants.

Additionally, we leverage proprietary search data, quality customer insights, online behavioral metrics and contextual audience targeting to match your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re selling. Plus, we’ll make sure your media budget extends further and achieves your unique goals.

Search Engine Marketing

Your customers are looking and we’ll help them find you. From keyword research, audience insights, creative testing and prognostic bidding, we build you a search campaign that uses the right combination of advanced SEM strategies to ensure you get results. Whether you’re looking to drive sales, increase inquiries, brand awareness, or sell more products, we help you harness the power of search to immediately bring you more ready-to-buy traffic.

Search advertising is the art of driving highly motivated visitors to your website. It's about reaching the right audience at that precise moment they’re most likely interested in what you have to offer.

Display Advertising

Enhance your branding efforts and reinforce your messaging with Display Advertising. Reach your audience by appearing on thousands of top-tier website placements. With Display Advertising, we advertise your business with text, image, interactive or video ads, and place those ads on websites where your customers are likely to be found. We search through millions of websites to find the best placements for your online advertising and then handle all other specifics to prevent your message from getting lost.

Whether we execute display advertising on GDN or DoubleClick's AdX, our display ads help reinforce your message and increase brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, and purchase intent.


As a premiere digital agency, we use the most advanced PPC strategies to drive your business goals and increase revenues. Pay-Per-Click is one of the most immediate ways to promote your message and see results - fast.

Our PPC experts specialize in all forms of media buying – from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube ads, Google’s Search and Display ads, Bing advertising, Remarketing and more - we extend your message and help you receive instant and measurable results.

We offer complete PPC program development as well as ongoing optimization and management services. Not to mention, our experts are Pay-Per-Click Certified Professionals.

Content Marketing

In today’s dynamic environment, it’s a challenge to grab your customer’s attention, let alone build a positive experience with them. At Exposure Social, creating content strategies that generate buzz is second nature to us. Using targeted and powerful messaging, your content will engage in a meaningful way that demands attention and encourages action.

Your customers’ interests and search habits provide us with the strategy that helps us develop content that will ultimately improve online visibility, engagement, and conversion generation efforts. Our team of content curators will help you put your best foot forward.

Native Advertising & Advertorials

Content Amplification is perhaps the most important phase in your content marketing strategy which relies on the promotion of your content. Amplification happens when you extend the reach of your message. Not only do we create curiosity-invoking content but also develop the momentum it needs by extending its reach through a variety of paid promotions. Native advertising offers a way to extend the reach of your message with a less intrusive experience.

Native ads match the look of each publishers page; as the ads blend in with the content your audience is viewing, it drives higher engagement, a better user experience, greater visibility, and receives higher click-through rates.

Email Marketing & Content Automation

Some think email marketing is dead; we say it’s more alive than ever. There are many reasons why email marketing works, and may be one of the most important strategies for your media mix.

With our email marketing strategies, we develop a deeper relationship with your customers, save you time with email automation, grow your email list faster, and have more prevalent communications with your leads.

Email strategy, data, creatives, and reporting – let us help you increase your response rate, reduce your subscriber attrition and improve your email ROI.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine and third most visited website in the world with more than 1 billion visits each month and reaches more adults aged 18-34 than cable television, so it's important to consider it as part of your digital media mix. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and extend the impact of your message, YouTube Advertising can help provide a golden opportunity to educate your audience and stimulate response.

Whether you're looking for YouTube bumper, in-stream, in-search or in-display ads, we help extend the reach and impact of your message and capture a deeper connection with your audience.

Ad Retargeting

Have you ever wondered why, after visiting on a company’s website, you suddenly start seeing their ads pop-up everywhere online - on other websites, social media, and mobile apps? Remarketing allows you to continue interacting with “bounced” traffic once they leave your website. For many websites, only 5% of traffic converts to action on the very first visit. Remarketing lets companies continue to influence the remaining 95% of online users, making it possible to regain that lost traffic and convert those leads into customers. Remarketing ads help reinforce your message, improves your ads relevancy, increases your conversions, and targets a more qualified customer.

Mobile Activation

It comes by no surprise that mobile is the fastest growing digital ad format of all time. The combination of convenience, steady interaction, and attentive and engaged audiences has provided more than enough evidence that mobile advertising should be a key component of your media mix.

Our mobile solutions include, but are not limited to: mobile video ads and rich media, Google search and display ads, SMS campaigns, interstitial and creative programmatic, social media sponsored advertising, email marketing campaigns, mobile app advertising, dynamic retargeting, and many more. Our mobile advertising strategies let you reach audiences where they spend more than 50% of their time consuming media.

Influencer Outreach

Creating exposure by utilizing an influencers vast network to promote your brand. It involves marketing your products by influencers who have expertise, reputation and online popularity. Influencer marketing is perhaps one of the fastest ways to grow your online presence, drive engagement and reach new audiences.

Identify, activate, monitor - we identify the right influencers and sign them as your brand ambassadors. Whether you're looking for big, small or local influencers, we show you the best opportunities that make the most sense for your business. How are we different? We focus on the qualitative, not by the quantity of their followers.

Website Design & Development

You set your business goals, we build a site that gets results. Not only do we build visually appealing designs but also place significant importance on conversions and information architecture – “the art and science of organizing websites for optimal user experiences & high conversion rates”. We are conversion and content experts; we place users in the right context, with curiosity-invoking messaging, and then optimize your landing pages to facilitate high interaction rates.

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t produce the results you hoped for? It’s because it wasn't built by us.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Have you ever thought maybe you’re not generating leads because your landing page is not optimised for conversions? At Exposure Social, we specialize in lead generation and conversion optimization – we increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.

We run heat maps to collect valuable data about your users browsing behavior, apply multivariate split testing to ensure the right combination of website and ad variants, refine and optimize your ads targeting, and design high converting landing pages.

Let's kick your marketing into overdrive.

Marketing Automation

Spend less time chasing prospects and more time converting your leads. With marketing automation, we can automate repetitive tasks such as email, social media or other website actions, and help you focus your resources and marketing efforts on generating you more qualified leads.

Through automation, we can help gain better insights on how to improve conversions, all while reducing time, money, resources and improving your lead nurturing efforts.

Plus, companies who use automation to nurture their leads see conversion rates 50% higher than non-nurtured leads.

Creative Design & Print

Our message, visuals, and flawless execution – we offer a variety of promotional creatives to help you receive the attention you need. Our talented team of Graphic Designers know how to optimize graphics to invite audiences and command attention.

We design creatives and copy for all forms of traditional and modern media - logos, brochures, packaging, banners, billboards, point-of-purchase displays, collateral development, creative programmatic, display ads, and many more.

We provide a range of quality creatives that will keep your company top of mind.

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