What is a Touchpoint?

Imagine this – you’re browsing social media and you suddenly come across a sponsored advertisement, promoting a new entertainment centre that has opened up near your area. You click on the ad to find out more, and it takes you to an attractive website with an engaging video outlining the various activities offered – from axe throwing and indoor bocce, to archery tag and bubble soccer, enjoy a night out with friends while drinking your favourite craft beer. Fascinated but currently distracted, you leave the website. Days later you start seeing their ads pop up all over the internet – on hundreds of websites, on social media, and your favourite mobile app. You click the ad once again, re-engaging you to learn more about this entertainment complex. This time, the message is more relevant based on the actions you took during your first visit. You then land on a review page which includes previous visitors comments and positive feedback. From awareness to engagement, to now being influenced, you’re now more intrigued to act – you call and book a group rate.

Strengthen your Touchpoints

You see, every moment your customers interact with your brand, they form an opinion. And with each interaction, you have the chance to create additional value, capture a more positive sentiment, and help move your prospects as quickly as possible from awareness to action. A touchpoint is any interaction that may alter the way your customer feels about your brand, product, or service.

Media Touchpoints

How is your website? Is it engaging, attractive, mobile-friendly and does it have a clear call to action? How about your social channels? Do they provide invaluable information, does it have a distinctive personality, and does it feed your sales funnel? Do you create meaningful and relevant content tailored for your target audience? Does your content stimulate engagement, lead to action and improve chances of social sharing? What happens after your customers inquire or purchase? Do they receive a response via email to thank them or provide information for next steps? Do you follow up with your customers to ensure they are taken care of? Are you nurturing your customers to help them become purchase ready? Are they engaged to act upon your information? Are you re-engaging with your previous visitors to ensure you bring back your most qualified customers? Are your ads appearing where your audience is most willing to consider your message? In today’s dynamic environment, people have far more options, greater opportunities to research, more things competing for their attention. This is why it’s more paramount now than it ever was, to implement a media strategy capable of stretching across all types of media touchpoints – paid, owned and earned.

Opti-Channel Marketing

Now we are not saying you should be everywhere for everyone; what we are saying is that we believe in taking an opti-channel approach that reaches the right consumer with the right message at the right time. It’s about finding the optimal media mix for your industry – the right mix that lets you build a better sense of customer focus and creates a tone that strategically and effectively captures your audience.

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